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"A world which sees art and engineering as divided is not seeing the world as a whole." - Ted Happold

We are Freighthouse

On demand expertise

Web architecture, Drupal development, project management, creative, interaction design, growth hacking...

At Freighthouse, you are instantly connected with a creative design and development professional who will take your idea to its fullest potential - building it into something greater than you imagined.

Your project will be delivered to its intended target exactly way it should be with systems and metrics that provide instant insight and accountability.

We focus our passions into our craft, we enrich every user experience we create, and we build on an elegant foundation of art and science.

Enterprise Marketing

An internal technical resource...
The stack never gets in the way, and campaigns never bring you down, meaning rapid and scalable deployments every time.
...so you never have to rely on IT again.

Agencies and Startups

Elite project based consulting...
We bring sanity to your project and provide the best development, design and project management expertise in the business - on a consultancy basis.
...so you never have to rely on HR ever again!

Full Stack Expertise, Architecture and Delivery

On demand consulting, project management and support

Knowledge & Expertise

We build dynamic teams of digital artists from the ground up to enrich your reach, productivity and marketability.

Our consultants completely integrate into your organization. We are agile and adapt to any project management tool and methodology you throw at us.

Whether its HTML, PHP, Javascript, Angular or Backbone, we have a team of experienced designers and developers that will deliver every time, by the hour and on demand.

Productivity & Accountability

We provide a platform that seamlessly connects the team from any location in the world and provides not only clean workflows, but also supports version control, quality control, and systemic monitoring of every developer for instant insight - at any time.

Communication & Stability

We start by establishing continuous integration workflows and constant lines communication to everyone on the project which means streamlined development and collaboration - so the team is in sync at all times.

Our infrastructure frees the team from environment builds, routine updates and maintenance requests - so they can focus on coding, building, and launching your sites.

Support & Accessibility

We work remotely however we can arrange for on-site assistance at any location - worldwide.

Within a week you can have a designer or developer in your office, ramped up and ready to go!

Our current reach:
On demand


Seamless integration

Responsive design patterns from front to back.

Creativity For Hire

"To be an artist is to believe in life"... - Henry Moore

What leads to an effective emotional design strategy?

"Creating user experiences that include beautiful aesthetics, gorgeous content, and a sophisticated personality layer."
- Jeremy Michael Cerda, Web Architect

Featured Artist Katya Krupko for Art Soriee - Miami Beach

design  |  illustration  |  motion  |  animation  |  photography  |  audio  |  video

A complete infrastructure - without the overhead

Vertically integrated architecture & workflows that streamline productivity.

The battle between marketing and IT is over.

Never again be a hostage of your IT department...

We put the power in your hands and provide you with a consistent architecture and workflow throughout the entire development cycle that enables you to quickly and easily launch new projects and campaigns as needed.

We work directly with your marketing department to get your agency and our developers working on the same platform so you can rapidly launch websites, centralize your web presence and get to market faster without having to deal with scarce IT and developer resources.

  • Seamless architecutre
  • Complete accountability
  • Zero ramp up costs
  • Zero termination costs
  • 100 percent scalable
  • Rapid builds & deployments

Analytics, Strategy & Growth

"Good words are worth much and cost little..." --George Herbert

Content Marketing & Interaction Strategy

Know what your clients want and understand how to give it to them.

We develop original content and oversee a documented content strategy & methodology while engineering distribution networks across multiple digital media channels to deliver original segmented content.

We find exactly what excites your audience and provide content tailored to their needs, with intuitive interface design based on proven user experience metrics and usability testing data.

Make decisions that matter...

You cannot simply rely on keyword metrics to monitor project performance.

Learn what buzz you are really creating with your clients and their networks so you can eliminate any unneeded or annoying contact.

Find just how users engage with your brand and drive conversion rate optimization by focusing on real time user interaction data and key indicators such as social trends and market performance.

Clear Data & Analytics

Our advances in metric presentation and visualization give you a birds eye view of user engagement while collecting deep real time analysis.

Gain profound insight into your campaigns so you can quickly react to customer trends and create individual and personalized user experiences while interpreting complex datasets to find insights and behaviors you normally would have missed - instantly.

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